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Clients - The Jacquard Center

"The Director of the Center and its teacher is Bethanne Knudson, a woman who was Director of Training and Technical Support for JacqCAD MASTER® for seven years. She has taught designers in industry around the world as well as worked with professors and students at universities and art schools throughout the U.S. and Canada, Mexico and Norway. I find her an excellent teacher, as do many others. This is clear in her explanations and her structuring of information. She also has incredible patience that, in my case, is a necessity."
•Cynthia Schira - Retired Professor, Department of Art, University of Kansas

"Weaving is second nature to all of us, but realizing our ideas with the software was challenging. With the guidance of our expert and experienced teacher Knudson, we began to feel confident about the translation from the conceptual to the concrete."
•Janice Lessman-Moss - Professor, Department of Art, Kent State University

"I've found The Jacquard Center to be extremely conducive to focused concentration on learning and have always accomplished great quantities of useful work there. Bethanne is exceptional in her ability to convey complex information while also assisting each person in the realization of personal goals."
•Patricia Williams - Retired Professor, Department of Art, Eastern Michigan University

"Bethanne is making available a new technology to the whole community, not just the university affiliated or industry affiliated artists/designers, and she is doing an impeccable job. At the Center I barely slept two hours each night as I was overwhelmed with excitement at the possibilities... I wanted to be in the training room all the time!"
•Bhakti Ziek

Commercial users who have attended training at The Jacquard Center:

Chatham, Inc. amnd Interface Farbrics
Cone Jacquards
Doblin Fabrics
Hoffman Mills
Manual Woodworkers and Weavers
Mastercraft Fabrics
Montreal Woollens Canada
Michael Koch
Jacquard Fabrics
Erin Hall
Pure Country Weavers
Stanley King Studios
Textile Inc
Wearbest Siltex
Wesley Mancini Studios

Academic users who have attended training at The Jacquard Center:

Jon Pettersen,
Bhakti Ziek,
Carol LeBaron
Lia Cook
Elaine Denis
Cynthia Schira
Deborah Carlson
Patricia Williams
Fuyuko Matsubara
Junco Pollack
Janice Lessman-Moss
Pauline Verbeek-Cowart
David Brackett
Laura Strand
Robin Muller
Ruth Scheuing
Layne Goldsmith
Lou Cabeen

Educational sites which have JacqCAD MASTER® software:

Bergen National Institute of Art
California College of the Arts
Center For Textile Education of Eastern Quebec
Cleveland Institute of Art
Concordia University
Eastern Michigan University
Georgia State University
Kansas City Art Institute
Kent State University
Kyoto City University of Arts
Montclair State University
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Philadelphia University
Southern Illinois University
The Jacquard Center
Universidad Ibero Americana
University of California, Davis
University of Idaho
University of Kansas
University of Nebraska
University of Washington

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