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The Retreat - Living Space

Living space includes private space (bedrooms and bathrooms) and public space (laundry, kitchen, dining and lounge areas).

The kitchen comes with refrigerator-freezer, dishwasher, coffee maker and everything needed to cook. In principle, everything except the food itself, although there is usually salt, sugar, and other staples. Student groups usually organize themselves to make efficient use of the facilities. There is a small table in the kitchen, but also a separate dining room. The kitchen has a sliding glass door to the deck, and a small opening through which food can be passed through to the lodge room.

Although water is provided by the city of Hendersonville, we filter and re-pressurize it. We have two large water heaters. There is always sufficient hot water, at sufficient pressure; a luxury this far up the mountain.

The bedrooms include large closets with hanging space and shelves (not drawers), allowing a quick last-check upon departure. The beds and tables have been custom made by a local craftsman. Each bedroom has a birch bed (three queen, one king), a writing desk with a desk lamp and a chair. Rooms also have custom built birch night-stands with a reading lamp, a clock-radio with alarm, a ceiling fan, cable television, and a settee. Bedding, bathrobes, towels and hair dryers are also provided.

Each bedroom has its own private bathroom.

A description (with price) for each bedroom can be found by clicking on the bedroom links at right. Please note that all bathrooms have showers, but only bedroom 1 has a bathtub. Bedroom 1 also has a fireplace and access to the deck.

Telephones available on the upper floor have local and long distance service.

Notes on arrival and departure times:

Special arrangements must be made if desired arrival is after 7:00 p.m. on the day before class begins or if the desired departure time is after 5:00 p.m. on the day following class.

Those who wish to stay over a Saturday night in order to reduce the cost of airfare need to make arrangements with The Jacquard Center before booking their flight.


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