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Services - We Design

We start with your idea or need. We then develop the design corresponding to your requirements. We will weave samples and, on approval, weave yardage. Sampling is charged at five cents per weft insertion plus $200 per hour for design and loom time.

Product Development

For small scale production:

500 yard minimum, 50 yards per design, with one weft yarn combination per 50 yard length. (In production terms this means: one loom, one warp, maximum 10 pattern changes, maximum 10 weft yarn combinations -- one per 50 yard roll. This will yield ten unique fabrics)

Fabrics start at $30 per yard.

We will assist you in determining an appropriate loom set up and yarns for your application. We will help you take the project from concept through to production. We charge $200.00 per hour for design time and technical support.

• We create cloth from your concept or design.
• We offer expertise in both Jacquard and Dobby.
• We facilitate your 500 production order at The Oriole Mill.

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