Who We Are

Bethanne Knudson, President

Bethanne founded The Jacquard Center in 2000. The proprietor of The Jacquard Center and former trainer of JacqCAD MASTER® software, Bethanne holds a BFA in Fiber fron the Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, Missouri), as well as an MFA in Textiles from the University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas). Bethanne co-founded The Oriole Mill in 2006.


Kelly Hopkin, Director of Education

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Textile Science from North Carolina State University, Kelly started her career in the textile industry at LaFrance Industries in LaFrance, SC, designing woven fabrics for the automotive and home furnishings industries. After this introduction to the textile industry, she quickly found her niche working for EAT Inc. as their Marketing Support Manager. EAT Inc. is a textile CAD software provider and consulting firm specializing in weaving. For over 16 years, Kelly has worked closely with a diverse range of weaving companies from the USA, Canada, and Mexico by providing CAD training, technical support and consultation services.


Stephan Michelson, CFO

PHD Economics
President of Longbranch Research Associates. Stephan co-founded The Oriole Mill in 2006.



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