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The Retreat - Work Space

There are two sorts of work space. Each bedroom contains a table and chair to which some students retreat at times. The primary work space, however, is a computer lab, in which each student has a Macintosh computer and can also view a monitor that shows the instructor's screen.

The computer lab is designed around a custom built walnut table, on which the computers sit, with pull-out sliding keyboard drawers. An additional computer is available for high speed internet access. The computer lab is in the center of the building - bedrooms to one side, kitchen, dining, laundry and lounge area to the other. The facilities are available 24 hours a day.

The computer lab has a marble fireplace at one end, hardwood floors, and sliding glass doors for access to the deck. No food is allowed in the computer lab, although drinks are permitted, to be set on low tables provided for that purpose.

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